Last week, Catwoman ended an arc and started a new one – in both the literal and figurative senses.

Selina as a mob boss was always going to be a big step, but it seemed like such rich ground for her, and am really glad Gotham gets to spend a little more time unpacking this long con – particularly since this arc gives us more crunchy stuff in the Gotham underworld when it’s going to look a little different (thanks to some of the events in Batman), and Selina will have a whole new roster of problems once she starts Catwomaning again. (Spoilers that she comes back to the suit, I guess, but I mean, it’s also the cover.)

Garry Brown’s run ends with this issue. I could not have asked for a better artist to make this arc come to life – besides little things, like his knack for architecture that meant Gotham really was a character in the book, he’s been accommodating about every last lapel when it matters, and I am really glad that we get to see his Selina Kyle Catwoman in this issue. In the next issue (due out in June after Convergence), I’ll be joined by David Messina, whose work so far has been lovely (you can see a sketch from the upcoming eight-page standalone sneak peek of the series here). I’m excited to have him as a partner as we go into this new arc, where Selina will be balancing Catwoman with her underworld duties as things from Family Business come to a head.

The response to last month’s issue was amazing and occasionally overwhelming; it was incredible to see what Catwoman means to so many people. I wanted to thank everyone who’s said kind things and picked up the book; it means so much.

Soon, I’ll do another Closet post and talk about the clothes (how can I not talk about the clothes? Eiko’s funnelneck collars are big enough to charge rent for!). I hope to be able to talk more soon about the sneak peek, which helps set up the status quo for those who are, say, waiting for a trade edition. (It’s titled Keeper of the Castle, because of course it is. And that Jae Lee cover never stops being amazing.)

In June, with issue 41, the reign of Catwoman begins in earnest! Hope to see you there.