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Catwoman 43 & 44!
Yes, I’m behind on Catwoman blog posts! (My excuse is very handy, given that I was busy writing Catwoman.) Catwoman 43, “Them That Bear It,” and Catwoman 44, “Fire,” are out in the world! (As always, available at Comixology, and maybe at your LCS, who knows?) I have had an absolute blast working on this arc, and watching it come to life with David Messina and Lee Loughridge continues to be a fantastic experience. (The Kevin Wada covers are the icing on the cake; her take-no-shit face as she glances… Read more »
Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 So Far
(A very artsy shot considering that in this scene they’re running from undead Redcoats summoned from the grave by an evil witch.) Sleepy Hollow is back – and it is so, so sorry about last season. My io9 recaps continue apace, and judging by the way I update the blog these days, you should probably plan to just follow along there. The short version before you wonder if you should get back into it: They got rid of most of the dead weight from last season (great!), killed the Horseman… Read more »
Reign: Season 3 So Far
So, I am recapping Reign at AV Club this season, which is very fun for analytical purposes, but I missed talking nonsense about the dresses and Catherine’s facial expressions enough to come back and check in. As usual, a lot has happened! I actually sometimes forget how much plot goes into an episode of Reign until I watch another soap-paced show—even Scream Queens (which I watched as a sub-in on AV Club; it’s essentially an essay on manufacturing camp, because that show is trying to do it harder than any… Read more »
My NYCC Schedule!
I’ll be at NYCC this year! I’m not tabling at this one; I do have a signing slot on Sunday at the DC booth, though, for people trying to make a fixed schedule. But even if you aren’t joining the sea of people flooding the Javits, you can still catch me this week for comics stuff! TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 6PM JHU COMIC BOOKS 32 E. 32nd St Group signing with BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL writers Steve Orlando, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, and other cool dudes! There should be B&RE… Read more »

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