Yes, I’m behind on Catwoman blog posts! (My excuse is very handy, given that I was busy writing Catwoman.)

Catwoman 43, “Them That Bear It,” and Catwoman 44, “Fire,” are out in the world! (As always, available at Comixology, and maybe at your LCS, who knows?) I have had an absolute blast working on this arc, and watching it come to life with David Messina and Lee Loughridge continues to be a fantastic experience. (The Kevin Wada covers are the icing on the cake; her take-no-shit face as she glances at the Bat behind her is just perfect.)

I even got the chance to branch out a little from the Borgias, with a letter that is so sharply written you don’t actually realize it’s a threat/guilt trip on the Pope until later:

I’m trying not to say too much about the comics until the arc is over because spoilers, but I am really appreciating the amazing reviews the arc has been getting. In particular, Emma Houxbois at the Rainbow Hub does in-depth reviews that are a joy to read; you can read her reviews of issue 43 and issue 44. Matt Santori-Griffith at Comicosity has also been insightful and kind (his review of 44 was 10/10, which is always amazing; you can read it here. It means so much to have such thoughtful reviews, and to have dedicated readers. Thank you so much.