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Last night was the SAG Awards, the award where actors pat other actors on the back directly, instead of trusting 72-year-old assistant cinematographers to vote on whoever the people at the La Brea Starbucks seem to be enthusiastic about like the Academy does. And though voting for the SAGs closed before the Oscar fracas began, which means that last night’s results can’t be read as a direct rebuttal of the lily-white Oscar slate this year, it’s still a fairly pointed list of winners. It helps that the SAGs encompass TV… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: Golden Globes 2016
Welcome back to awards season! It’s all happening. It’s alllll happening. Luckily, we know the drill by now: the show is too long and either grindingly awkward or screechingly awful, and the awards handed out are an exercise in the surreal. This time around, the Golden Globes managed to be even more impressively head-scratchy and off-putting than usual, and I hope nobody here watched them. Instead, let’s just get right to the important part: the red carpet that demands its own set of acting skills, where you have to manage… Read more »

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