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XENA: The Power, The Passion, The Comic
I’ll be honest; I assume most people interested in keeping up with my stuff (you are all awesome) are also on Twitter on Tumblr, and so this is all old news to you. But in case you’re blog-only: I’m writing the Xena: Warrior Princess comic! The covers, by Jenny Frison, are amazing. The interior art, by Ariel Medel, is charming as hell. (My scripts have 800 notes about Xena and Gabrielle giving each other old-married looks, and he’s been a champ about making room for those despite the fact that… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The 2016 Met Gala
I knew the Met Gala was gaining steam as a mainstream cultural event, but I didn’t realize how much it had entered the fray until I heard 1) that E! was going to be streaming the red carpet live, and 2) that Anna Wintour had forbidden any social media once inside. Together, it’s an almost sublime attempt to appease the unwashed masses (me) while maintaining the proper distance from them by establishing clear social strata. We don’t get to know what goes on inside the Gala, because why would we… Read more »

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