In any given episode of Rick Steves’ Europe, the world’s most unassuming man smiles his way through stunning cities. It’s a deeply comforting formula. We admire skylines and busy streets; Steves putters around historical monuments; he nods along as locals explain sausage or glassblowing; he signs off with a folksy “Keep on travelin’!”

…[This book is] still the Rick Steves style — optimistic, peppered with slightly cheesy personal anecdotes and easing you into the fact that traveling makes you an outsider without making it scary. He is still the affable second cousin at a wedding who sits down with your parents to trade travel stories and gentle warnings. It’s just that this time he is gently suggesting that Trump endangers the nation and colonialism created Europe’s refugee crisis. (Tough wedding.)

I reviewed the latest edition of a book by PBS’s favorite traveling dude, Rick Steves: Travel as a Political Act.