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Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Emmys
Red Carpet Season is upon us again (known to celebrity assistants everywhere as Sweet Jesus It’s Happening), and the Emmys are the opening volley. Here begins the careful interplay of trends and personal branding that a majority of celebrities absolutely hate but has become so integral to the starmaking process that it’s a living thing by itself. (I am duly wary of the miniature ecosystem that the red carpet has become, but I am also hopelessly fascinated by it and long ago stopped pretending otherwise. If you are interested in… Read more »
What I Wrote: Harlots, Handmaids, Radium, and Dancing
There’s something to be said for Peak TV. Sure, my TV backlog is getting embarrassing and I keep maxing out the number of hours on my recorder and having to watch very strange collections of old episodes in a row trying to juggle the tone shifts in seven shows at once, but man, I’ve been watching some good TV. (I’m also watching Reign.) Here’s where I’ve been recently, and what I’ve been writing about.   First up: THE HANDMAID’S TALE. It’s clearly a show that was expecting to be a… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Met Gala
The most increasingly-frustrating red carpet event of the year happened last night! Once again, it was time for the Met Costume Institute Gala, celebrating another exhibit that honors landmark designers and iconic moments in the history of fashion; once again, the celebrities ruined it all. There’s an inherent tension on the red carpet between fashion professionals and the increasing celebrity presence. Make no mistake, Anna Wintour and company are happy to make this event as popular as possible while still looking exclusive enough to be frightening to everybody who wants… Read more »
  I’m a Special Guest at WonderCon this weekend in Anaheim! My schedule is below; in particular, I’m excited about my presentation on Saturday at 11:30: “The Empire of a Wicked Woman” tackles comics, Catwoman, some powerful women in history, and the occasional cat-shaped car. See you there!     FRIDAY, MARCH 31 The Dichotomy Between Good and Bad Sometimes a hero has to make a bad decision and sometimes a villain falls onto the side of good. What makes a hero or a villain as these lines become blurrier?… Read more »
Beauty and the Beast
Well, the live-action Disney Beauty and the Beast remake has come out! And it turns out, I must have been waiting my whole life for this day, because all of March was basically me being unable to shut up about Beauty and the Beast in any form, for several reasons. First up was the official review for Ars Technica; I had made a reference to “Something There That Wasn’t There Before,” but I appreciate that the actual headline makes no bones about my overall feelings. There are some bright spots… Read more »
What I Wrote: The Year So Far Edition
My first real blog post of the year, and it’s already spring! You can tell from the ice-crusted snow outside. (Weather notwithstanding, I honestly can’t believe it’s mid-March already; it’s been a…well, it’s been a year.) Here’s some of the recent stuff I’ve been doing.   The Locus annual Recommended Reading List is up! It always has some great things on it. This year they were kind enough to include ICON, “Everyone from Themis Sends Letters Home,” and “La beauté sans vertu.”   I wrote a piece at, I… Read more »

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