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  I’m a Special Guest at WonderCon this weekend in Anaheim! My schedule is below; in particular, I’m excited about my presentation on Saturday at 11:30: “The Empire of a Wicked Woman” tackles comics, Catwoman, some powerful women in history, and the occasional cat-shaped car. See you there!     FRIDAY, MARCH 31 The Dichotomy Between Good and Bad Sometimes a hero has to make a bad decision and sometimes a villain falls onto the side of good. What makes a hero or a villain as these lines become blurrier?… Read more »
My NYCC Schedule!
I’ll be at NYCC this year! I’m not tabling at this one; I do have a signing slot on Sunday at the DC booth, though, for people trying to make a fixed schedule. But even if you aren’t joining the sea of people flooding the Javits, you can still catch me this week for comics stuff! TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 6PM JHU COMIC BOOKS 32 E. 32nd St Group signing with BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL writers Steve Orlando, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, and other cool dudes! There should be B&RE… Read more »
LA Times Festival of Books This Weekend!
I’m headed to LA this weekend for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Here’s where you can see me, all on Saturday: 2pm: I’ll be doing a signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#368)! 4:30pm: I’ll be joining Ken Liu, Matthew Reilly, and moderator Todd Zuniga for the panel, “Bringing the Impossible to Life,” in the Annenberg Auditorium. 5:30pm: Another signing! This is, I believe, near the panel itself, which is handy for anyone who likes the shade; the beautiful, beautiful shade. You can get more details at the… Read more »
Pilots, Dolls, Los Angeles, Fairy Tales, Shipping, and Joan: A News Roundup
That is a seriously motley crew of an update, but I’m behind enough on news, so as I dig my way out from under a pile of deadlines, a news roundup it is! (My long fiction update, left over from last week, is that PERSONA is officially out in the world!) * In life/event news, I’ll be at this year’s LA Times Festival of Books! My panel, on Saturday at 4:30, is titled “Bringing the Impossible to Life,” which I honestly hope means Ken Liu, Matthew Reilly, and I will… Read more »
Catching Up and Sleepy Hollow: "Heartless"
This weekend was World Fantasy. I was thinking it was a bit late to talk about it before I realized I never even did a con report for Capclave, back in October. (Short version: It was lovely! Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome, and it was awesome talking with everyone.) World Fantasy was also nice, though disproportionately spent escorting people on milkshake runs. Both of them were reminders that I’m remiss in announcing stuff, so expect more of that tomorrow. For now, Sleepy Hollow, which continues the… Read more »
Capclave and Dream Houses
A couple of announcements! First, if I have not announced it already: I’ll be a Guest of Honor at Capclave this October, alongside Holly Black and Paolo Bacigalupi! The convention is the weekend of October 10. When not heckling Holly from the audience of whatever panels she’s doing, I hope to be talking about movies, TV, writing as a day job, and whatever else they decide to ask me and/or I can’t stop talking about. I’ll also have a special project on sale there: my first-ever novella, DREAM HOUSES. It… Read more »

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