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This year, I walked away from my day job.
It might be the wildest thing I’ve ever done (I’m very boring). It’s hard to overestimate the level of caution with which I approach life. I’m the gunslinger seat, the flosser, flat shoes, better not. A day job was a given; writing was the thing you supported with the thing you did ten, twelve, sixteen hours a day. But as it turns out, if you sleep three or four hours a night for a decade or so, eventually a doctor will… Read more »


I took two pictures of the Marvel section of the Disney Store in Times Square, a year or so ago. They’ve been on my phone since, for reasons.
The boys’ section:

In an interview with Kevin Smith, TV producer and writer Paul Dini mentioned things that DC types and network execs had told him about representation of girls:
DINI: “They’re all for boys ‘we do not want the girls’,… Read more »

It’s taken me three days to write this.
Last week, I posted Dealing With It.
There’s been a lot of response, both public and private. I don’t usually write personal essays; I was staggered.
I’ve seen people express curiosity about its reception. With good reason; historically, women who speak up are in line for varying levels of vitriol, and this one achieved enough visibility outside my usual readership that people who know how the internet works were probably bracing a little for impact. I was.
So far, the response has… Read more »

[Note: This essay speaks largely to my personal experience as a white cisgender woman. I don't wish to speak for the experiences of others here; I invite your experiences in comments.]
[Trigger warning for quotations encouraging sexual assault and racist quotations.]

I’m in ninth grade. I’m new to my school. I’m nervous about where to sit in the cafeteria, about what I’m wearing; my new school is bigger than my old one by some multiplier I’m not even sure of. Numbers transpose in my head something awful. I’m maybe most… Read more »

Roger Ebert died today. I wanted to write something about it; I tried thinking back to my first review of his, maybe, as an intro.
But I couldn’t remember. I’ve never watched movies without Roger Ebert there.
When I was a kid I remember sneaking looks at Ebert and Siskel talking about movies that were only for grown-ups, and watching Ebert’s face light up when he was talking about a moment he enjoyed. When I was nine, I remember being relieved that he loved Beauty and the Beast as much… Read more »

Okay, so, I now have THREE events next week, which is great news because they’re all awesome and bad news because I will have to do laundry.
The newest one is actually the soonest: Monday, February 18, at 7pm I’ll be at WORD in Brooklyn alongside Ellen Datlow and Marissa Meyer to discuss fairy tale revisions, which will be aces! (Except if you really want to hear me say good things about Snow White and the Hunstman, in which case it will be the opposite of that.)
On Tuesday, February… Read more »


2014 Appearances

Often updated. Please check back!

March 19-23: ICFA (Orlando, FL)

May 23-26: WisCon (Madison, WI)

July 11-14: Readercon (Boston, MA)

October 10-12: CapClave (Washington, DC) [GOH]