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Robot Uprisings, Cabbages, and Some Dolls
April is vanishing (it’s terrifying!), and so I’ve fallen behind on news. Let’s play catch-up before Reign tomorrow, when my entire brain will fill with lace bolero jackets and wild character swings and Megan Follows nibbling scenery with careless panache. Last week, Robot Uprisings came out, co-edited by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams, and it does what it says on the tin. My story is a road trip of questionable means entitled “Eighty Miles an Hour All the Way to Paradise,”… Read more »
It’s official! My story “The Lion Cage” will be appearing in NIGHTMARE CARNIVAL, a dark circus anthology edited by Ellen Datlow. The nearly-final TOC:… Read more »
A Pair of Kings, and A Dweller in Amenty
Second thing first: my sin-eater story “A Dweller in Amenty” is up now at Nightmare Magazine! (TV synergy fact: It was written before Sleepy Hollow started airing, but I’ll admit to being secretly thrilled when John Noble sopped up blood with bread. Thank you, folklore researcher on the writing staff! The Roanoke people need you.) First thing second: The AV Club’s One Season Wonders feature is currently featuring my piece about Kings, that show that was constantly operating on a surfeit of promise and utilizing the aforementioned promise in what… Read more »
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Over the weekend, my essay about one of my favorite fairy tales ran in LA Review of Books. “And I Will Seek You” talks about the first time I encountered “East of the Sun, West of the Moon,” the place it holds in the folklore canon, and what it meant to a much littler version of me to learn the story of the princess who seeks what she’s lost and climbs a mountain with only one shoe. Though I’ve read dozens of translations and adaptations since my first discovery of… Read more »
"Trousseau" in the Time Traveler's Almanac
Today is the American release day for the The Time Traveler’s Alamanc, which boasts a monster TOC, and to which I was lucky enough to contribute something! A while ago, Ann Vandermeer contacted me and asked if, after writing “Bespoke”, I’d had any further thoughts on clothing in time travel. (It was a pretty safe question.) It ended up as “Trousseau”: Cleanliness is for the people who can afford it. Whatever future you jump to (and the ads are incorrect, there’s never just the one), on whatever orbiting body you… Read more »
[Note: Speaking of movie reviews, RoboCop happened!] Con or Bust is upon us! (For newcomers, it’s a fundraiser to assist people of color/non-white people in attending SFF conventions.) As always, there’s a great selection of offers, from signed books to custom jewelry to brownies baked inside cookies (witchcraft!). This year, I have two things on offer, which I have forgotten to post about until right now: A movie review! Only one this year, because scheduling just won’t permit more. Also, I tend to talk for a few thousand words and… Read more »

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