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This year, I walked away from my day job.
It might be the wildest thing I’ve ever done (I’m very boring). It’s hard to overestimate the level of caution with which I approach life. I’m the gunslinger seat, the flosser, flat shoes, better not. A day job was a given; writing was the thing you supported with the thing you did ten, twelve, sixteen hours a day. But as it turns out, if you sleep three or four hours a night for a decade or so, eventually a doctor will… Read more »


It’s indicative of how this year has gone that I haven’t had a chance to put my end of year post up yet. I will! Hopefully before the end of this year. (Hopefully.)
In the meantime, two updates:
Not at all inspired by seeing The Hobbit: Now Only 15% Hobbit, I wrote a piece for io9 about what happens when everything is epic. Obviously fantasy will always have room for epics, and epics can make great stories, but not every story makes a good epic. Unfortunately, Hollywood won’t consider until… Read more »


As we careen toward the end of the year, I’m buried in a project and everything else has vanished into the wordcount haze; I appreciate Reign and Sleepy Hollow going on hiatus to allow me this break, but it also means I’ve fallen off keeping this blog up to date whatsoever. So instead, a quick roundup:

At io9, I wrote up Dark Universe, a fantastically impressive planetarium show that put you in the middle of the observable universe (literally), explained what was happening, and then talked about a ton of… Read more »


Today, the second installment of the Hobbit trilogy is out. My official review is in the Philadelphia Weekly; in it, I call this entire franchise butter scraped over too much bread, because at this point I’m not sure what else you can call it. (There are some spoilers in that review, and there will be some spoilers here, too.)
By now, the obvious franchise grab of spreading one movies’ worth of material over three movies is beginning to bite the films in the ass; the first movie, while interminably padded,… Read more »


Sleepy Hollow pulled out a major reveal this week! It also introduced that major reveal, about ten minutes before it revealed it. It is not a super great reveal. I made each of these faces at some point during the episode.

I have maintained time and again that for a show trying to balance actual character development in an often-madcap mythology soup, the show has a remarkable grasp of its tone and pacing, able to wink at itself but keep a handle on major developments. This is the first time… Read more »


Oh, Sleepy Hollow, welcome back. I’m one half of this hug.

While you were gone, I missed you so much I began to wonder what you were up to; I wrote up historical situations you should mine for storylines for io9.
And you gave me one of those situations already in “The Sin Eater,” your grand return! You actually gave us like thirty situations, including flashbacks and visions, a trifecta of just-camp-enough character actors, a return from Jenny, a sin eater, an attempt to make fetch happen with Katrina, some… Read more »


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