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Catwoman Annual
The Catwoman Annual comes out today! It’s written by me, with art by Patrick Olliffe, Tom Nguyen & John McCrea, and a Garry Brown cover. And yes, there’s some Batman in this issue. (One scene with him is a favorite moment of the issue, actually – a Batman/Catwoman standoff that’s about 110% awkward, a saturation that can only be achieved when Batman’s around.) But at the risk of spoilers, at heart this Annual is Eiko Hasigawa’s origin story: it offers a glimpse of her life as an increasingly nontraditional member… Read more »
What I Wrote This Year
This year has been a remarkably fast one. It’s been a busy one, for which I’m immensely grateful, but turns out it’s taken with it both my short and long-term memories; the process of assembling this roundup was, frankly, embarrassing. My Actor Bingo on period pieces remains undiminished, but that’s pretty much the only thing that has survived intact in the abstract-impressionism painting of this year. (My vow for next year, to slow down a little, has already been made; turns out that was also my vow last year, which… Read more »
[Content warning: rape.] Rape victims: This is an important time in your life. With so many details to attend to, here’s a checklist to make sure you’re not missing out. If you report, remember to make it to the hospital immediately for a rape kit that will never be tested in the backlog of thousands. If you’re injured, drive carefully. If you’re drunk or have been drugged, ask a friend for a lift, assuming the friend isn’t the person who raped you. After the rape kit, find and speak to… Read more »
Catwoman #36: Reviews, Sneak Peeks, & Spoilers
Catwoman #36 came out last week! And over the holiday weekend, there have been some great reviews that pick up on some of my favorite art details and get where the story’s going in a really gratifying way, so I’m collecting some of them here. (Spoiler warnings everywhere, obviously.) Comic Book Resources points out “even something as simple as a shadow from a multi-paned window is carefully followed across the page in a way that shows a lot of patience.” Nerds Unchained gives it a 9/10 and made it easy… Read more »
Catwoman #36: "Keeper of the Castle"
Catwoman #36 comes out today! “Keeper of the Castle” digs deeper into Selina’s journey as head of the Calabrese crime syndicate, as she becomes more and more tangled in a web of moral dilemmas she can handle, but some of which she might not be able to accept. There’s some good old-fashioned macho posturing (most of it by Selina), Black Mask Rising, a cameo by Lucretia Borgia, and a faceoff between our leading lady and, well, Catwoman. There will be some more details about this Catwoman costume next week as… Read more »
Ranking Period Pieces, or, Personal Heartbreak
Over at The AV Club, I have a slightly unusual TV Club 10. (This is my second slightly offbeat contribution to a feature that usually focuses on a single show – my first was episodes of vampire TV, I live by no man’s law!) This time around, I tackle nineteenth-century British literary adaptations. The bulky list of qualifiers is necessary to keep the numbers anything resembling reasonable (a TV Club 100 would have broken everybody’s scrolling wheels). Even then, the idea of picking things that were both exemplary or interesting… Read more »

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