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Over at Fantasy Magazine today, I cast my granny-eye across the room and tackle some of Fantasy’s Weirdest Relationships. Jareth the Goblin King gets first pick, but he’s far from the only creeper on this list. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list; if I tried to make an exhaustive list of all the questionable relationships in fantasy movies, I’d be here twenty years from now. This is the Whitman’s sampler of uncomfortable dynamics, with one exception: The Sea Prince and the Fire Child. That movie is one of the… Read more »
So, today’s Fair Food Fight Film is Chocolat! This one seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it movie: either you love it for being gentle and comforting, or you hate it for being predictable and treacly. I don’t have a dog in this fight whatsoever, mainly because this movie is so useful for Supporting Actor Bingo that I’m just pleased it got made because now I can get from Nina Foch to Miranda Richardson like THAT. I will, however, put up a fight that Chocolat is a great food movie, because food… Read more »
This weekend I saw Repo Men so I could review it for I know there had been some internet chatter about how this film stole its premise from Repo! The Genetic Opera. Since futuristic body-as-commodity stories are not singular, I didn’t worry about it. (Plus, if you ask me, someone is welcome to make a movie off Repo!s premise, since it would be nice to see a movie with that concept that didn’t completely suck, but that’s a different argument.) Anyway, long story short, it doesn’t steal much from… Read more »
Repo Men: Take That Back
There’s a moment early in Repo Men in which Jude Law’s Remy, an artificial-organ retrieval operative, is reclaiming the liver of a past-due gentlemen whom Remy has tasered to subdue. In the middle of Remy’s legally-mandated questionnaire about whether the man would like to have an ambulance present, the man’s date attacks Remy. “There’s no need for violence, miss,” assures Remy, and promptly tasers her, too. Most of Repo Men feels like this. I don’t mean stale one-liners inserted into a premise that devolves into a by-the-book dystopia. I mean,… Read more »
So, I saw Alice in Wonderland over the weekend! Before the showing, there was a line of about 200 people (half of whom bolted when they realized they’d bought tickets to the NOT 3-D showing), and the two teenage girls ahead of me spent a long time on a conversation like this: Girl 1: I mean, I just have such a crush or whatever on her because she’s so, like, different, you know? And it’s not just the accent, it’s how she’s so, like, different. Like, not shallow? Girl 2:… Read more »
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I really like talking about movies. Fair Food Fight also noticed, and asked me if I would be interested in starting a blog series there, reporting (and snarking) on food in film. Don’t have to ask me twice! Welcome to Fair Food Fight Films, awesomely abbreviated FFFFilms, which sounds like you’re about to cuss if you say it out loud, so that’s not recommended unless you say all the words. It will cover food in movies, from those which are entirely about food… Read more »

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