Well, it has been a YEAR, hasn’t it? (I mean, it has been – 366 days have passed – but you know, thematically.)

This year was a very satisfying one for writing. I published several short stories, some of which are particularly close to my heart. Plus, and maybe most exciting in terms of my writing in 2012, I closed the year with the sale of a novel that I truly love – my flapper Twelve Dancing Princesses take, Glad Rags. It was a poignant holiday season, walking past all the glittering flapper-dressed windows in Midtown this year, thinking Maybe, maybe, maybe, Yes.

I also continued my Intertitles column for Strange Horizons, largely centered on SF movies; and I’ve blogged about many more, though never as many as I would like to. (I think we can rest easy that more of that’s coming in 2013.) I’ve even begun to dip my toe into the waters of reviewing film for radio at WBAI, something I hope to do more of next year! (My favorite of those I reviewed this year is undoubtedly the glacier documentary Chasing Ice, which is gorgeous and depressing.)

Some of the best/worst/bestworst of the year for me, in no particular order:

Haywire. This was a solid B-movie caper starring a mercenary heroine whose competence is never questioned, whose adversaries don’t try any sex nonsense, who has a supportive father, who has but is not defined by the presence of sex partners, and who kicks the living shit out of everyone who two-timed her. I dug it then, I dig it now.

– I talked about Weyland-Yutani as the real bad guys of the Alien franchise (best!) in “937”. Then Prometheus came out, and I talked about that (worst!).

– For Skyfall, I tried to crystallize my mixed feelings in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” which is a little bit about Skyfall and a lot about Bond and M in the new millennium.

– Before Elementary premiered, I talked about Watsons we have known, and the robustness of 221B in the detective canon. Then Elementary happened, and I was into it! (Still am; when Season 1 wraps I’ll talk about why.)

– Solomon Kane, Oh, Solomon Kane! Short version: “Verily, Those Monsters Stole My Hot Chick — to Battle!” – The Motion Picture. Long version here. Best AND worst!

– Can I love the animated Hobbit movie like I did when I was a kid? YUP. (I love it twice as hard in the wake of the Peter Jackson debacle.)

– And of all the Netflix Instant bestworst movies I stumbled on this year that brought me nothing but joy and happiness, the proto-Drive 80sfest James Spader vehicle Starcrossed is the bestworstest.

Speaking of bestworst, a Thing Happened this year! Namely, I was the target of sexual harassment at Readercon. This was an awful thing that was deeply uncomfortable, and some of the resulting response ranged from clueless to threatening. However, it also became part of a larger conversation about harassment at conventions, at a time when there are people who are ready to effect change in both atmosphere and policies. While it’s never a picnic to revisit it because of the former, I want to acknowledge the latter. The SF community’s response, and the response of the new board of Readercon, was overwhelmingly positive, and indicates a desire for a better space for everyone. I’m grateful; I’m hopeful.

And I’ll end the year with a moment of random weirdness that really proves the adage, “Into every life, some baffling script sides must fall.” I came across this page in the middle of the sidewalk after dinner with a friend, with no apparent owner, and the attempt to identify it turned into us just reading it aloud, increasingly aghast:

Click to enlarge a truly creepy date scene.*

(Looking at it now, it all blurs together in a queasy tangle of fauxmance, and the stage direction that actually weirds me out the most is, “She has a thorn in her foot and hops around in pain.” …?)

* It’s apparently from a film called Bye Bye Blues? Just in case you wanted to rush to rent it after this. It’s not a New Year’s Eve party without a traditional holiday thorn-in-foot movie!

Tonight, I eschew all public celebrations, to the surprise of absolutely no one. Instead, I’ll be starting as I mean to go on: quietly at home, watching movies and writing stories. Thanks so much to everyone who’s joined me for that this year. See you in 2013.