Penny Dreadful Season 2 wrapped in July! I’ve been recapping it faithfully at io9, for those who want to catch up! I will admit, after the truly amazing third episode, the rest of the season never quite recovered, for me; there were still amazing moments everywhere, but John Logan has a tendency to handwave canon in order to fit the theme of a particular scene, and after a couple of big “Wait, what?”s, some of the series’ momentum got interrupted. (Plus he killed off a couple of people he should really not have killed off and offered reasons ranging from bullshit to double-bullshit, but that’s another problem.)

It’s taken me this long to update because 1) Twitter is faster for announcement and these days I’m easily distracted from writing that’s not on immediate deadline, and 2) those deaths left a weird aftertaste in a season that already had some fairly disappointing beats (why would you have a standoff between Eva Green and Helen McCrory – the reason for the entire season – and then make Eva Green talk to a doll the entire time? WHY).

With those rather significant caveats, I continue to enjoy the high-Goth moments and the motley crew of actors who are all delivering remarkably on-point performances from very, very disparate points. The show couldn’t exist without Eva Green (pictured above looking directly through a human man), but everyone else has made a strong case this season for just how deft they are at fleshing out a thin scene with a lot of character. (Danny Sapani was particularly good at this, because he had to be.) And it remains one of the most delightfully lavish shows on TV visually; even when you’re yelling at the TV about Vanessa’s disappearing/reappearing powers of perception, the whole thing looks damn good.