I’ve been recapping the third season of Outlander over at the New York Times! It has been a rollercoaster.

This is a show that’s very comfortable with reinventing itself as circumstances dictate. It knows you are probably here for Claire and/or Jamie, and aside from the central tenet of their romance, everything around them is subject to change. The first season gave us a love story; the second season gave us palace intrigue. This season has literally reinvented its genre as it goes, from episode to episode.

It started with a portrait of a crumbling marriage and a man in mourning, spent two episodes on the specifics of time travel, reunited Jamie and Claire and shifted back into some more familiar rhythms that were interrupted by the sheer weight of twenty years apart, and is currently in the middle of a high-adventure arc on the high seas, because why not? The early episodes in particular are genuinely great. Let, we get an interesting glimpse into how this story’s constructs can backfire, a couple of episodes that made me hit my ceiling on Jamie, and the slow, fascinating reveal that this season, episodes in which Claire is apart from Jamie are generally better than when they’re together.