Mozilla invited me to describe elections in the future, given advances in technology we see every day. “Hello, I’m Your Election” premiered as an audio piece on Mozilla’s IRL podcast; the full text is available on their website.


Okay, great, thank you! Did you attend any demonstration of support for the current administration?


Details please?

“A Decade of Progress” pre-election rally

I’ve found one “A DECADE OF PROGRESS” PUBLIC RALLY in ROCKFORD ILLINOIS on OCTOBER 6, 2040 with a facial recognition match to your citizen ID number. Is this your rally?


Okay, great, thank you! Please hold while I cross-check this information for you, and then we’ll get you set to vote. This might take a few moments.

Why would it take so long? I voted in the last election.

Please hold. Your vote is important to us.

It usually doesn’t take this long.

Hi! I have your results. Treasonous activity detected.