Golden Globes: Totally Random Red-Carpet Rundown

So, the Golden Globes happened, and people declared undying love for their costars and their pets, but let’s face it, it’s all about the red carpet. I seriously hated 90% of the dresses this time, so I am not even doing a worst-of (well, with one exception, but she’s hateful and deserves it), so this is a random collection of looks I really liked. Best Color: Rumer Willis, which shows how bad this red carpet was; I mean, Rumer Willis is not really a bastion of good taste under normal circumstances, but you gotta give the girl credit for being the only one on the red carpet in this color, which could not be said of electric blue or runny-egg yellow, which were just EVERYWHERE, which – people, you pay your stylists to make you look GOOD. Don’t let them just mess with you! Ahem. Clearly this ranty dress collection is not for the bandwidth-thrifty.… Read more »