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Icon by Genevieve ValentineA year ago, Suyana Sapaki survived an attempt on her life. Now she’s climbing the ranks and poised for greatness, but she has a new enemy: the public eye. A year ago, Daniel Park was hoping for the story of a lifetime. He got her. But how much will Daniel risk when his job is to break the story? And how far will he go for a cause that isn’t his? Welcome to diplomacy. Adapt or die.

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catwoman coverShe was Gotham’s Catwoman. Now Selina Kyle is Gotham’s kingpin. But the crown comes at a cost. As her enemies — like the brutal Black Mask and an impostor calling herself the new Catwoman — attack from outside her organization, traitors lurk within. To rule the underworld, Selina must become a creature of the underworld herself. To save the city she loves, will she sacrifice everything else?

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Persona by Genevieve ValentineSuyana Sapaki’s a failure in the International Assembly. She’s not charming on camera, which is crucial for a Face: public image is 90% of diplomacy, they tell you right from the beginning. The United Amazonian Rainforest Confederation has been the site of scandal, so she’s short on allies. It’s a system designed to make you useless, but she’s fighting. People are trusting her, and she has a country to save, one way or the other.

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The Girls at the Kingfisher Club

New York City, 1927. Twelve girls appear at the Kingfisher Club s if by magic; they hit the floor like it’s the last night on earth, and vanish before dawn. They never give names. For some, it’s a way of life. For the oldest, who remember what it’s like to be trapped, it’s still a dream just to buckle their shoes for the Charleston. It’s taken them years to make the place their home. But the Kingfisher Club is about to get them in trouble.

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