Catwoman’s back, and so am I! (Both a little belated, announcement-wise, but what can you do.)

Post-Convergence, the story picks up with Selina having locked down her empire. As Catwoman, she can undermine Black Mask with no one the wiser – and has backup in Eiko. As herself, she rules the Calabrese cartel and has kept relative peace among the families.

Nothing can shake her.

Except the news that Batman’s dead.

In my first arc, “Keeper of the Castle” (which will be out in trade soon – stay tuend for details that are hopefully more timely than these details were!), Selina made some brutal choices in order to become the lesser of two evils, alienating people she loved, sorting out family politics, and realizing she has to be wholly herself if she’s going to survive – she has to be Catwoman as much as Selina, and she has to face what she’s capable of, for good and otherwise.

In this arc, she’ll have to find out if even that’s going to be enough to save her. (Literally everything else is a spoiler, so the only other thing I have to say is that the opera dress is McQueen, and it’s covering her Catsuit, because when you have a dress like that, what else can it possibly do?)

Joining me with this arc is artist David Messina, whose work here speaks for itself; I’m inordinately excited to be going through this next stage of Selina’s journey with him.

This issue actually came out two weeks ago (I know, don’t look at me, I’m a monster), and is available at your local comic book store or on ComiXology!