I have some fun bits of news! We’ll start with the big one.

DC announced its June titles today; among them is the note that I will be continuing as the writer of CATWOMAN.

It wasn’t a sure thing – I was taken on initially for a single arc, and the future was conditional. It was a big change for her, in terms of both situation and tone, and we all knew it was going to be a leap of faith for readers. As such, I have even more reason to be completely thrilled at the fan response to this take on Selina, which has been above and beyond anybody’s expectations, and I can’t wait to continue her adventures. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been reading it for making this possible.

And speaking of thrilling: Locus has released their 2014 Recommended Reading List, and I am on it! I actually couldn’t believe how generous a showing I made this year, and since it will likely never happen again, we’ll just go through it all. It names The Girls at the Kingfisher Club (novel), Dream Houses (novella), “The Insects of Love” (novelette), and “Aberration” in short story. That last is from Fearsome Magics (ed. Jonathan Strahan), which is listed for original anthology, alongside Upgraded (Neil Clarke), in which I also appear, and to amazing reprint anthologies: the Mammoth Book of SF by Women (ed. A. Dally MacFarlane), and The Time Traveler’s Almanac (ed. Ann and Jeff Vandermeer), in which I actually finagled an original piece. I’m excited and grateful to be involved in so many great projects!

In regular-type news, there was a new episode of Sleepy Hollow in which this show is trying so hard to correct its mistakes that you can hear joints cracking. The most interesting character this week was the curator who opted not to open the book of dark magic, making her the sort of winking genre reference we used to get a lot of, and a character way too smart to die instantly, which is in fact what happened. I call shenanigans.

We’ll miss you, Curator Lady. The full recap at speaks of her killer, a warlock who got a WWE belt photoshopped onto him purely for cape-handling reasons.

And my recap of the very good Babylon continues with “Hackney Wick”. Only one episode left, and then it’ll be back to me mainlining anything else’s of Nicola Walker’s I can get my hands on. (Newcomers should start with Touching Evil, which was the first thing I saw her in, and then just go for whatever, she’s amazing.)