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Today at, I point out that the geniuses at Universal who have decided to remake Videodrome apparently did not realize that Cronenberg had already taken care of it when he made eXistenZ. For those who want to know more about eXistenZ – and you do! – the trailer is below. It’s hilariously over-explainy (IN A WORLD…), and doubly hilarious because even all this explaining takes care of maybe the first half hour of the movie, and everything after that is an idtastic free-for-all. Fair warning: I get queasy every… Read more »
The New Flesh: The (Second!) Videodrome Remake
It’s the same old story (literally): Variety reports that Universal is lining up a remake of David Cronenberg’s cult classic Videodrome. Apparently, this new take will “modernize the concept, infuse it with the possibilities of nano-technology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller.” I’m a movie purist, but the idea of this remake is, on the surface, not a bad one. The time is right for a movie about the power of increasingly-prevalent media, the insidious nature of a corporate overlord is always good for a laugh,… Read more »
I have to admit that, after thinking about it a little, I was hard on Isabelle Fischel from The Dwelling Place. Sure, she was nuts, but let’s just review: Wearing this dress meant slapping this thing on every day: I KNOW, RIGHT? First of all, this thing went on after you put on your shift (or chemise, in my tortured parlance), and beneath the waistband you can see the corset, which your internal organs probably just LOVED. (ETA: I seriously cannot tell if this is a corded corset with the… Read more »
The Catherine Cookson Experience: "The Dwelling Place"
This week, I tackle the seemingly endless and screamingly worst of all the Cookson adaptations I have seen, The Dwelling Place. Brief note about the Experience: I don’t think I’ll be recapping each one. Some of these are deadly dull stuff. However, I’m starting out with some of the really terrible ones to build appreciation for the ones that aren’t so bad. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome involving overwrought, cheaply-made period dramas of the 90s. By the time I hit The Wingless Bird, you’ll think I’m screencapping Citizen Kane. So, The… Read more »
My review of the apparent season finale of Eleventh Hour’s first season, “Medea,” is up at I thought it couldn’t possibly be the season ender, and then they started a new somethingsomething-week series in its time slot, so I guess that WAS the season ender and Eleventh Hour decided to go out with an episode that did not even have a science crime. It was a kidnapping. Period. Also, Agent Marley got shot in the ass with an arrow. Way to wrap it up with a bang, show! Also,… Read more »
The Catherine Cookson Experience: "The Glass Virgin"
We begin The Catherine Cookson Experience with “The Glass Virgin.” This miniseries was the one that started it all – and stopped it all, since I didn’t go back to another one for over a decade. By the end of my re-watch, I knew why. The Glass Virgin is about a young girl, raised as gentility, who finds out she’s actually the daughter of a whore and therefore socially untenable. Distraught, she leaves the house with estate groom (and total hottie) Manuel in tow. Will she make it in a… Read more »

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