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Oscars 2011 Red Carpet Rundown!
You guys, Hollywood Prom happened last night! Apparently, it happened to be terrible. I was not watching last night, but because of the miracle of the internet I was updated on the important things, thanks to Twitter and Facebook in general and, during a particular point, no fewer than five people contacting me simultaneously to tell me that Melissa Leo was imploding like a bad soufflé. (More on this later.) However, the red carpet was not all bad. I have put together a (truly enormous) post of the highlights, for… Read more »
Some nice writing news to start the week with – the TOC for Creatures (invisible subtitle: The Musical), edited by John Langan and Paul Tremblay, has been announced! My story “Keep Calm and Carillon,” first published in Farrago’s Wainscot, is in the anthology, alongside some fantastic writers. The full TOC, and a bigger cover, is available for your perusal here. In the meantime, casting has opened for Creatures: The Musical, which will have to be produced off-off-off-off Broadway in a staged reading where the Creatures will be represented by finger… Read more »
I got back from Boskone last night. It was my first Boskone, but given the number of awesome people who were there (including people I don’t see nearly often enough at other cons, like ), I will probably be back! I largely had a great time, though there was the unfortunate incident where Margaret Ronald and I got into a round of fisticuffs, documented here by Theodora Goss: (My actual favorite part of this was that, despite having met her only once before, and being in the process of determining… Read more »
Tonight, I am packing my bag (questionably, as per usual, and not helped at all by the fact that it’s going to be anywhere from 17 to 55 degrees while I’m there, so I’m thisclose to just packing pajamas and a coat). Tomorrow I’m headed to Boskone. I’m mostly going to be hanging around (I have a busy schedule of people I’ve promised to heckle), but after my joint reading with John Langan at World Fantasy, he apparently turned into a glutton for punishment, because we’re going to do it… Read more »
BAFTA Red Carpet Rundown!
Yay, the BAFTAs happened! I always enjoy a red carpet more when most of the people on it are actually talented. (Oh, you heard me, Hollywood. Don’t even give me that look.) That said, Jessica Alba is in here. I KNOW, I’M SORRY, please don’t confuse her with anyone who can act, etc. (Not that you would. I mean, it’s Jessica Alba.) The good news is that most talented actors on the BAFTA red carpet seem to know how to dress; if it’s not stunning, it’s at least perfectly nice.… Read more »
When the first promo images of X-Men: First Class were released, I posited that the movie they were really trying to make was a bittersweet drama called “The Last Spring,” about a gay couple who welcomes some emotionally brittle but photogenic refugees (from life) onto their huge English estate, and learn about life, love, and the way your genes can be mutated so you can lift submarines out of the water like a fucking boss. I thought this impression was just a result of the very serious styling of the… Read more »

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