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So apparently I have been really remiss in talking about my travel schedule, because people were surprised yesterday to find out I was coming to WisCon. Uh, surprise? So, quickly. YES, I am coming to WisCon! I get in tomorrow, leave Monday, and can’t wait to see everyone I possibly can in the meantime. I’m also doing a group reading! It’s Saturday at 4pm in Conference Room 2, which I am hoping is one of the ones with the wing chairs that make you look like you’re introducing an Agatha… Read more »
Between Steampunk World’s Fair last weekend (which was a blast!), and WisCon this weekend (blast anticipated!), I am falling a little behind on the media-consumed section. This month in general has been a little thin on the ground, entertainment-wise. Usually over a weekend I can rack up half a dozen movies, easy. Since Thursday, my media consumption has been the first third of Conan the Destroyer I had TiVoed and watched as I packed for World’s Fair, an episode of Extreme Couponing that gave me the vapors, and about five… Read more »
My body’s at the day job, my mind is on the new netbook sitting at home waiting to be set up for the trip tomorrow, and that means it’s time to catch up with writing news! (Or, it means that I should have brought my netbook into the office, but no one here needs to see the amount of costume reference pictures I’ll be transferring onto it. (They’re for research, I swear! STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.) RIP, little Fassbender Syndrome, Jr.; I shall never forget how many times… Read more »
So, for those who are around this weekend and interested in fun times, I’ll be appearing at Steampunk World’s Fair in Somerset, NJ! I’m part of their Library of Lost Literature, which is showcasing some amazing books this year, and which I am thrilled to be part of. I’ll be reading Saturday at 1pm, alongside Ekaterina Sedia, who will be giving a glimpse of her upcoming novel Heart of Iron, an alternate-history romp involving airships, railroad shenanigans, international politics, and Spring-Heeled Jack. Just saying. We’ll be giving away some gift… Read more »
I am a pretty big sucker when it comes to watching fairy tales. Ever since the days of Faerie Tale Theatre and The Storyteller back when I was knee-high to a goose, pretty much every time I hear about a TV show or movie based on a fairy tale, my reaction is, “Oof, that’s probably going to be awkward! Still, I’m there.” My taste in this arena is even more questionable than in most others. (See also: the competing Snow White remakes, Hansel and Gretel: Demon Hunters – oh, it’s… Read more »
There’s something very telling about seeing a movie in the theatre. For all the annoyances that come with it (and I am so, so easily annoyed), a movie audience provides instant feedback and flavors the viewing experience. Here are three viewing experiences in the theatre where I saw Priest. At a key moment, when a character is thrown from a train during the movie’s third act: People behind me, at volume: “Oh DAMN!” Me, under my breath: “Someone’s callsheet in the Mojave comes to an end.” Dude to my left,… Read more »

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