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Not everyone’s ready for a commitment at the same time. Be true to yourself, and take your time. I hope that when you find the right booklets of Lady Liberty/Flag for you, you’ll be very happy together.… Read more »
Because of dollars, I will not be attending Worldcon this year. However, thanks to many people who are awesome, I have an event by proxy, and will have books available! First! Writer Christopher Rowe, who also happens to be a superlative reader, has agreed to read my horror story “Good Fences” during the Nightmare/Lightspeed reading by John Joseph Adams! It’s your chance to get a sneak peek (the magazine doesn’t launch until October), and also a chance to hear Christopher read, if you haven’t had the pleasure. The reading is… Read more »
Ten Things You Should Know About "Premium Rush"
You know, I often call this “Five/Ten Things You Should Know About [Movie].” I didn’t do that for Quicksilver, mostly because I was too busy trying to decide the magical geography of the movie to decide if “should know” was a bit too optimistic given the source material. Determination: That movie takes place in a magical geography that should just wash over you in a big confusing tangle the way it was intended, and that if I was going to use “should know” for movies like Immortals, I might as… Read more »
So, Premium Rush comes out this weekend, and though we’re in the middle of a remake fever like you cannot even believe, no one wants to talk about Quicksilver. Oh, we remember it — a movie like Quicksilver is something you never quite forget — and its similarities to Premium Rush are obvious, so it’s being mentioned, but I want to just take a second to talk about it, because even for the ’80s, this movie is sort of awkward. 1. Our hero, Jack Casey, is a trader who blows… Read more »
I’ve been reviewing some movies for WBAI and affiliates — quick two-minute capsule reviews of movies that strike me. My most recent one can be heard at the WBAI archives (August 16 show); it’s for Cosmopolis, which I had seen just over 24 hours earlier, and was still turning over. Yup, this face is creepy on purpose. Just soak it in. By and large, I think my initial reaction (an interesting movie, with some big flaws, but interesting) still fits, but I wanted to talk about a few things I… Read more »
Miss World 2012
Here’s a thing about beauty pageants: they’re not about beauty. I mean, of course beauty is important. These young women are a particular standard of beauty so cookie-cutter that if you told me the judges took phrenological measurements, I would only be surprised that they don’t televise that part. (“Ladies, please, if you start crying it will impact your forehead-to-eyebrow-ratio!”) But “this is a pageant” is not a phrase used to describe a room full of pretty women. It’s used to describe something that is staged and showy and patently… Read more »

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