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Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Emmys
Red Carpet Season is upon us again (known to celebrity assistants everywhere as Sweet Jesus It’s Happening), and the Emmys are the opening volley. Here begins the careful interplay of trends and personal branding that a majority of celebrities absolutely hate but has become so integral to the starmaking process that it’s a living thing by itself. (I am duly wary of the miniature ecosystem that the red carpet has become, but I am also hopelessly fascinated by it and long ago stopped pretending otherwise. If you are interested in… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Met Gala
The most increasingly-frustrating red carpet event of the year happened last night! Once again, it was time for the Met Costume Institute Gala, celebrating another exhibit that honors landmark designers and iconic moments in the history of fashion; once again, the celebrities ruined it all. There’s an inherent tension on the red carpet between fashion professionals and the increasing celebrity presence. Make no mistake, Anna Wintour and company are happy to make this event as popular as possible while still looking exclusive enough to be frightening to everybody who wants… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The Oscars 2017
If you are here, reading this, you know that the red carpet is a bizarre, self-sustaining piece of performance art. In case you’d like a reminder of that before we get started, here’s Taraji P. Henson casually greeting former costar Jackie Chan. Fun, right? Let’s all go have an extremely casual red-carpet time! This year was slightly unusual by Oscar standards. In particular, one spectacular thing happened in which the best movie on the slate actually won Best Picture!…after tripping over every single one of the public-embarrassment roadblocks that haunts… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: BAFTAs 2017
If awards season is a series of teen-film house parties for film and TV types, the BAFTAs are the laid-back bonfire at the house of the girl who’s taking college classes already and went to boarding school for two years in a city she keeps changing the location of just to mess with the betting pool (your current bet is Vienna). She pretends to be above high-school drama but has still invited a big group of people to roast marshmallows in the artisan fire pit her parents put in last… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: SAG Awards 2017
It’s strange times. We know it, and everybody on the red carpet at the SAG Awards knows it; the ceremony was peppered with speeches about the fractured state of the union, as if everyone was both aware that it’s easy for things like this to look frivolous during political turbulence, and also as if everyone was so utterly gobsmacked by how little time it took to fracture that union that it was an impossible topic to avoid. Like Annalise Basso, we as a nation are hurling our gigantic chiffon scarves… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Golden Globes
  It’s time for the Golden Globes, that shot across the bow of awards season that offers us our first real glimpse of the public images the potential awardees are going to be wearing this year. As always, if you’re worried I’m making fun of outfits on the red carpet because I think it’s fancy dresses and frivolous nonsense, and somehow my previous rundowns don’t convince you, never fear: I wrote two novels about weaponized public image as the world’s most bulletproof cover for political machinations, so probably not. (Those… Read more »

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