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Eclipse: The Decline and Fall of the Twilight Empire
Last night was the release of Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight franchise. Theaters were packed; Team Edward/Jacob loyalties ran high; anticipatory squeals filled the air. The movie that unfolded wasn’t worth any of it. This has gone beyond cinematic “worth” in the context of inscrutable teen tastes, or a shift in the zeitgeist, or any of the other trends that set their intended audience alight while mystifying everyone outside their demographic. This is about a two-hour movie that has to pull its bookend voiceover into the film to… Read more »
New Moon
There’s a moment early in New Moon where Edward walks up to Bella in painfully-extended slow motion for their morning “No, I love you more”s. Proto-werewolf Jacob Black materializes to wish Bella a happy birthday. As Bella and Jacob talk, Edward stands a few feet away, glowering; when Bella hugs Jacob goodbye, Jacob makes a face at Edward over Bella’s utterly oblivious head, as music pounds behind them all. This pretty much sets the tone for New Moon, a sequel to last year’s angsty steamroller, Twilight. Twilight was unevenly acted,… Read more »

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    The Four Aces movie location is a perfect little replica of the 1950s American roadside, complete with a diner, gas station, and, of course, motel. Located in the Californian desert about an hour northeast of Los Angeles, it’s played host to a number of iconic horror films, countless B-movies and forgettable commercial work. 

    Imagine a strange fusion of Stephen Shore and Gregory Crewdson photographs and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the motel rooms here look like. The entire complex is a built-to-purpose film set, though completed with an admirable eye for detail and atmosphere.

    You might argue that nowadays the Four Aces is just as authentic a place as the remaining roadside motels and diners that dot the North American landscape. Where the latter can’t help but reveal their perilous status — always on the verge of extinction — the former is a living relic, the artificial nature of which somehow makes it more real for the degree that it reveals both the seductiveness and spuriousness of post-war road culture. 

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