The Catherine Cookson Experience: “The Glass Virgin”

We begin The Catherine Cookson Experience with “The Glass Virgin.” This miniseries was the one that started it all – and stopped it all, since I didn’t go back to another one for over a decade. By the end of my re-watch, I knew why. The Glass Virgin is about a young girl, raised as gentility, who finds out she’s actually the daughter of a whore and therefore socially untenable. Distraught, she leaves the house with estate groom (and total hottie) Manuel in tow. Will she make it in a cruel working world? Will he make it into a life as his own man? Will they, you know, Make It? NOTE: These screencaps are awful. I can’t do better. Think of it as part of the joy, like that soundstage echo in the 1970s Masterpiece Theatres. Era: 1870s Heroine: Annabella LeGrange, gentlewoman, seventeen, dumb as a sack of hair Siblings that require looking-after: None, unless you count Annabella. Illegitimate (Self or sibling): Self. Asshole Father?: Check! Romantic interest(s): Manual Mendoza, the groom at her estate… Read more »