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So, Disney bought Marvel. I punned around over at about it, because when a disaster this bad creaks into being, you should laugh before you run screaming from the corporate behemoth that is coming for you and your children, you know? P.S. When I was a kid, my granddad bought me five stocks of Disney. In other news, today I’m going to buy a house with a pool. P.P.S. I’ve gotten a couple of hilarious anonymous comments on my LJ since that article went up, including one about how… Read more »
Disney Buys Marvel: Comic Book Fans Everywhere Die Little Deaths
Through the power of the internet, all secrets are brought at once to light: Disney has acquired Marvel in a $4 billion dollar deal. (License for Wolverine was $3 billion of those dollars; Silver Surfer went for 75 cents and a jelly doughnut.) Disney, already an entertainment juggernaut (that’s one!), has been devouring other properties for years, including television networks ABC and ESPN. Grabbing a property like Marvel means that Disney can begin to do what it does best: brainstorm corporate crossovers until every writer’s assistant has had their first… Read more »
My first reaction to this trailer: “Rachel Weisz! Hypatia of Alexandria! Strings music! Saving libraries! I’M IN.” My second reaction to this trailer: “Oh, so the…and they’re all…with the people of color…and they’re vicious, mindless killers who…look, why don’t I just add this to A Night at the Movies and save us some time, okay?” The power of editing. Ugh, and I had been looking forward to this movie, because it was about a woman whose goal was something more than getting a dude and working hard in her job… Read more »
This 50s ad is adorable. It’s also depressing. . Click to embiggen. Three interesting things: 1. This predicts the Internet – all library books, all the time! Available for homework purposes only, of course. None of those smutty novels for you, little Jimmy and Susie! 2. This also assumes that as soon as there’s a big enough electricity grid, of course we’ll switch to electric, because why wouldn’t we? There’s nothing quite so disheartening as vintage looks at our hopes for the future, you know? 3. Basset hounds: the official… Read more »
Megan Fox Ruins, Illuminates Everything
In a rumor that chills the hearts of movie buffs and other multi-celled organisms everywhere, MTV UK is reporting (via The Sun) that Megan Fox has been cast as Catwoman in the next Batman movie. I know; it made me ill, too. Try breathing into a paper bag for a second. I’ll wait. Now, take heart: the chances of this actually happening are slim. Every dark-haired actress in Hollywood has been rumored as the next Catwoman (I’m Team Rachel Weisz, by the way), and Megan Fox is in general a… Read more »
So, Megan Fox, acknowledged by all including her employers to be a suck actress, is in the running to be Catwoman. There are rumors she has already signed. I took it straight to, because some things just aren’t right, and Megan Fox being cast in roles that require actual acting is one of them. I let it go when her role was “Head Prostitute” in Jonah Hex (because where do you even BEGIN to complain about that?), but she’s been rumored for so many leading roles (most of them… Read more »

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