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Today at I talk about some awfulsome Christian horror movies. Two things about this article: 1) I am not joking about The Prophecy. Simon is a wounded angel hiding in the abandoned wing of a school, and when he realizes Gabriel is coming for him, he coaxes little Mary close enough that he can spit the soul he’s carrying into her body so Gabriel doesn’t find it. This is not weird in terms of heavenly amorality, ends justifying the means, etc. It’s unsettling, but the whole idea is that… Read more »
Losing Your Religion: Christian Horror Classics
Legion, the seraphim suckfest that opened last weekend, is only the latest in a long line of horror films that take advantage of the Bible’s doom-and-gloom with varying degrees of success. Please note that the list is long and cheesy, and I am listing only a few. Be warned: it’s a pretty safe bet that by the time you watch more than one of these, you’ll have seen more candlelit churches, actors on wires, menacing close-ups, and inexplicable hairstyles than any human was ever meant to see. The Sentinel. Model… Read more »
The TOC for Running with the Pack has been announced! Included is my story “Dire Wolf.” Follow the link above for the full TOC, which is awesome and includes many people I like, coincidentally. I’m really excited for this one. ETA: Edited to remove horrible pun in the subject line. You’re welcome.… Read more »
So, I wrote up Legion for Fantasy Magazine. You guys, this movie was dismal. It had everything it needed to be ridiculous, but took itself so seriously and was so free of anything over-the-top enough to be amusing that the people in my theatre, who started out talking back to the movie at full volume, were checking emails and talking to each other by the 45-minute mark. THEY IGNORED THEIR ELEVEN-DOLLAR MOVIE, THAT IS HOW BAD IT IS. Also, I mention that I hope Paul Bettany was in this because… Read more »
Pilot Season Attacks!: Revenge of the Genre TV
So, with Lost entering its sixth season, Flash Forward going strong, Vampire Diaries sweeping the CW, Legend of the Seeker finding new viewers, and V inexplicably still on the air, television execs finally seem to have caught on that genre TV has a vast and devoted audience. (As long as you’re not Heroes.) As pilot season revs up, a few genre series are already in development. Let’s take a judgmental glance at the early lists, shall we? AMC has ordered a pilot of Walking Dead, a zombie-apocalypse series based on… Read more »
Over at today, I tackle the first wave of this year’s genre pilots coming out of pilot season, including something so awesome/hilarious I can’t even speak of it with a straight face: they’re making Push into a TV series. On the surface? Smart. A small group of photogenic people running from a shady government and hooking up with a series of semi-famous guest stars has proven to be sustainable for at least four decent seasons. However, this pilot has not been picked up by a network yet. I am… Read more »

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