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Penny Dreadful: "Resurrection"
Penny Dreadful gave us something of a slow episode last week, so we’ll pretend an homage to the pacing shift is the reason I am only getting this blog post up on Friday for an io9 recap that went up Monday. On the other hand, slowing down doesn’t mean it was terrible. We got some Frankenstein’s creature backstory, we got some more evidence that Ethan is a normal human man and definitely not a werewolf why would you even think that just because he can calm a wolf down in… Read more »
"The Insects of Love"
It’s alive! “The Insects of Love,” a story about sisterhood, stars, and the entomology of space-time, is available now from (The gorgeous cover art is the work of Tran Nguyen, who won the Spectrum for it! Clearly I’m a biased vote, but I’m so excited for her well-deserved Gold.) Before Fairuz got the tattoo, I’d never even heard of the beetles. I just knew that the tattoo she wanted was enormous, and that it would take all night, and even as I agreed to come with her I said,… Read more »
Mad Men and Petals in the Wind
I spent the weekend at WisCon, which was as absorbing as usual, which means I have a news post backlog! Two today: Before Sunday’s finale, I wrote a piece about how this season of Mad Men (yes, it’s a season, this half-season split is BS) pulls so deeply on its characters’ pasts. The finale did a beautiful job of bringing that sense of long intimacy to a moment that indicated The Future. I could have written another whole piece about the ways in which Peggy Olson, whose career trajectory we… Read more »
Decoys and Seances
I have two things alive on the internet! Firstly: I got to write up one of my favorite “lost” TV shows for AV Club’s One-Season Wonders. I have enjoyed plenty of doomed shows in my time, but most of them are in the Kings mold, where at least there’s enough of a record of them existing that you can obtain the episodes and relevant press materials. (Unless it’s Kindred: The Embraced, in which case you wait one million years for the DVDS to become available and when you finally obtain… Read more »
Reign Report: "Slaughter of Innocence"
It’s over! It’s all over! It does not feel like it’s over, because we are just sprinting through history (“history”) on this show, but the season has ended. It’s like a fantasy! (Well, sort of. io9 asked me if the show was fantasy enough to write about, and I made an extremely long “Weeeeeeeeeeellllll” and then tried to hash it out a little, because it’s not that it is, but it’s also not that it isn’t. That debate is over at io9 this afternoon! Yes, I counted Bash’s ability to… Read more »
The Kingfisher Club Launch Party!
Last time a book of mine came out, I threw a circus. For Girls art the Kingfisher Club, I wasn’t about to let me show myself up, and there seemed only one thing to do. It’s official: I’ll be throwing a speakeasy for The Girls at the Kingfisher Club on Tuesday, June 3, and everybody should come! From 7pm until 11pm on June 3, come down to the the Back Room Bar and celebrate The Girls at the Kingfisher Club! Some details: – I thought about passwords and everything, but… Read more »

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  • Whether you will, or no

    I wrote a piece for VICE about consent as fantasy element in the 18th-century “Beauty and the Beast,” and a little about what happens to the shape of the tale when a retelling (say, I dunno, Disney) alters those elements: “How Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Became the Darkest Tale of All.“

    An excerpt:

    The most powerful force in Beauty and the Beast isn’t magic, or even love, but consent. Most retellings of Villeneuve’s version are careful to keep it. The Beast is clear that Beauty must know what she’s getting into. (In Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch’s 1910 version, it’s still more explicit: The Beast warns Beauty’s father to “be honest with your daughter. Describe me to her just as I am. Let her be free to choose whether she will come or no…”) Later, the Beast asks Beauty herself if she comes willingly. And that first dinner is marked by the Beast’s deference to her wishes. Beauty’s earliest surprise is how much power she wields. Even in his nightly request that Beauty marry him, he defers. Andrew Lang emphasized the power dynamics in 1889’s Blue Fairy Book:

    “Oh! What shall I say?” cried Beauty, for she was afraid to make the Beast angry by refusing.
    “Say 'yes’ or 'no’ without fear,” he replied.
    “Oh! No, Beast,” said Beauty hastily
    “Since you will not, good-night, Beauty,” he said.
    And she answered, “Good-night, Beast,” very glad to find that her refusal had not provoked him.

    Lang was one of many who used marriage proposals for the nightly request (Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s 1756 retelling was the first), but Villeneuve was under no illusions about the story’s undertones. In her original, Beast asks Beauty to sleep with him. Beauty’s power is the ability to withhold sexual consent.

    [Full article]


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