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What I Wrote: Harlots, Handmaids, Radium, and Dancing
There’s something to be said for Peak TV. Sure, my TV backlog is getting embarrassing and I keep maxing out the number of hours on my recorder and having to watch very strange collections of old episodes in a row trying to juggle the tone shifts in seven shows at once, but man, I’ve been watching some good TV. (I’m also watching Reign.) Here’s where I’ve been recently, and what I’ve been writing about.   First up: THE HANDMAID’S TALE. It’s clearly a show that was expecting to be a… Read more »
What I Wrote: The Year So Far Edition
My first real blog post of the year, and it’s already spring! You can tell from the ice-crusted snow outside. (Weather notwithstanding, I honestly can’t believe it’s mid-March already; it’s been a…well, it’s been a year.) Here’s some of the recent stuff I’ve been doing.   The Locus annual Recommended Reading List is up! It always has some great things on it. This year they were kind enough to include ICON, “Everyone from Themis Sends Letters Home,” and “La beauté sans vertu.”   I wrote a piece at, I… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The 2017 Golden Globes
  It’s time for the Golden Globes, that shot across the bow of awards season that offers us our first real glimpse of the public images the potential awardees are going to be wearing this year. As always, if you’re worried I’m making fun of outfits on the red carpet because I think it’s fancy dresses and frivolous nonsense, and somehow my previous rundowns don’t convince you, never fear: I wrote two novels about weaponized public image as the world’s most bulletproof cover for political machinations, so probably not. (Those… Read more »
Nonfiction Catch-up Post: One Wedding and Nine Funerals
There has never been a fictional wedding/funeral ratio more to my tastes, has there? The wedding happened on BATES MOTEL, which I covered for AV Club; you could not have picked a better week for me to drop in on a show than the week two characters with a deeply repressed slow burn have to marry each other for plot reasons and then trip over their feelings for the next forty minutes. Naturally, I talked about tragedy the entire time. One of the great hooks of tragedy is watching people… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: The Oscars 2016
Oh, we knew this day would come. The stylist gauntlet, the carefully crafted personas, the subliminal messages we’re meant to read into a dress being worn by a person who, the vast majority of the time, is a talented professional actor who desperately hates having to wear this dress and play some version of herself who’s somehow too charmingly artistic to care about awards even though she has to answer half a dozen questions about the half-million-dollar jewelry she’s wearing as someone on her styling staff tugs on her train… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: BAFTAs 2016
Ah, the BAFTAs; never the showiest jewel of red carpet season, largely because it can only barely bring itself to care about being part of red carpet season. The BAFTAs are so begrudging about the increasing importance of the red carpet that it doesn’t even bother with the hedge nonsense. This isn’t Versailles; you get a few stanchions and then we’re all done, okay? There’s something kind of soothing about a red carpet that secretly doesn’t care. In nearly every shot here, there’s either an awkward architectural feature (those BAFTA… Read more »

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