The Supersizers: Edwardian

(Technically this is “Edwardian Supersize Me,” because if this show loved anything more than getting its hosts drunk it was renaming the show every two weeks, but we’re going to try and hold things together. There are enough confusing things later.) Welcome to the Supersizers rewatch! We begin at the beginning, with the pilot that brought together Giles Coren, restaurant critic and perpetually awkward man of general questionability, and Sue Perkins, commentator-at-large who is probably dressed by snarky animated bluebirds every morning. Giles is sort of in love with her, which is his most redeeming feature. (Sue is also demonstrably fond of him, which keeps it from being creeptown.) While each episode is delightful in its own way, there’s definitely a structure in place: visit a doctor for a cursory “this is what the past does to you” frame story (spoiler: the past was often unhealthy but sometimes healthy, news at 11), ‘live in’ a house typical of the era, slap on semi-functional period garb, invite people over for awkward and/or amazing times, deal with… Read more »