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The Baker Street Irregulars: Portrayals of Sherlock Holmes
The character of Sherlock Holmes is one of the most iconic in literature, so easily recognizable that his hat alone conjures up the image of a stuffy Victorian sitting room, a faithful doctor, and a seemingly-impossible conclusion that, of course, makes sense once the clues are explained. Fans of the stories know that Holmes was a little more cutting-edge than cozy, with a great interest in forensics, a pugilist pastime, and a cocaine habit. When bringing him to the screen, the struggle usually lies in reconciling Holmes the preternaturally-capable investigator… Read more »
Two Sherlock Holmes articles up today! Fantasy Magazine has the review proper (beware minor spoilers, though the plot is so terrible that spoilers can only help). The, at, I talk about some other, better Sherlock Holmeses. RDJ actually makes the Best Of list, mostly because he’s such an intense actor that he gives his all even when the movie makes no sense. Also on that list is Rupert Everett, back when he was a good actor and hadn’t yet gone off the handle and gotten more Botox than Joan… Read more »
So, among the many graduates of Awesome British Actor Camp, there’s a little subculture of actors who are probably perfectly nice people who enjoy things like accounting and pinochle. Unfortunately, they have a particular aura about them that make them look like escapees from a gang of creepers. If they really were a gang, and nine of them were being chosen to go up to the Bronx to hear Cyrus give his big speech, Cillian Murphy would be the leader. Dude is an awesome actor, but no one is ever… Read more »
Nah, that would mean having feelings! My Christmas was uneventful. The vibe is always pajama-tastic and our gift-giving is minimal, since Christmas is mostly a chance to get together and watch Chanticleer and Band of Brothers and consume cookies in obscene quantities. I watched an entire season of So You Think You Can Dance in a single night, which is really the way to go, because rooting for people for one evening is a lot less exhausting than doing it for eight weeks.(I am also beginning to think I am… Read more »
Found on ONTD – there is a new Oscar category for Best Thing in the World, and this person is the ONLY NOMINEE: “Cinema 2009: 1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes.” I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I love movies a lot? Anyway, this is basically what the inside of my head looks like, all the time, awake or asleep. (This also explains why I forget real-life stuff – you notice there is no frame in here that says YOU ARE OUT OF MILK,… Read more »
One of my favorite things in the world is watching historical documentaries (generally biographies) that have extras in the background, looking historical and Very Serious. They’re never allowed to talk, of course, but sometimes they get to “Peas and carrots” their way through something as historians explain things in the foreground. It’s all extras, all the time, and it’s awesome! The best of these I’ve seen was “The Real Jane Austen,” which aired a while ago on PBS, and was amazing because it took the framework of a talking-heads biography… Read more »

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