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Yesterday I had some good news in my inbox – I was voted Best Columnist in this year’s Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll! My columns keep excellent company there, so I was suitably flabbergasted, but am seriously grateful. Somehow it’s always daunting to deconstruct things you love, and I’m thrilled that those who have read along seem to have enjoyed it, too. * In other news, though my daily tasks seem to get more or less accomplished, the year in particular feels as though it’s really roaring by. Today my office… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: the 2012 Oscars
Here we are, at the close of the awards season, in which stylists, designers, managers, PR assistants, and actors perform a complicated series of communiques about style and photography and interior trussing, like the intricate dancing of bees, and as mysterious and inexplicable to those of us who can only look at the end result and marvel that, because of mixed metaphors, some of our finest actors have pollinated this season’s crops. Also, they wore dresses, and though in general the level of success was high, Bafflement is still waiting… Read more »
So, we’re in the home stretch of Con or Bust, and I have offered a review of the terrible movie of your choice. Two things are going on here: one, I would like to get this bidding higher for an awesome cause, and two, I happen to know that the current top bidder wants me to watch Virgin Territory, a teen-movie adaptation of the Decameron starring Hayden Christiansen (yeah, let that sink in). And I’ll watch it, if that’s how it goes, because it’s an awesome cause and because fair… Read more »
Or Brooklyn, whatever. [Joke about Brooklyn being another planet goes here, largely depending on your feelings about Brooklyn.] Tonight, from 7-9pm, Powerhouse Arena bookstore will be hosting the launch of Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures of Barsoom! Alongside fellow contributors Chris Claremont and Dave Kirtley, I’ll be reading an excerpt from my story “A Game of Mars,” in which Tara, daughter of Deja Thoris and John Carter, revisits the Jetan arena where she nearly lost her life; she’s there to kick ass and ride bikes, and Barsoom doesn’t… Read more »
Last week, I got the call that Mechanique was nominated for a Nebula(!). I am still processing that, but I am honored to be on a ballot alongside such amazing writers, and have been beyond thrilled at the congratulations I’ve received. It means more than I can say. (I’ll interpretive-dance it for you sometime if you want; ask me when you see me!) And in the rest of today’s news, I have a story in Lightspeed! “The Gravedigger of Konstan Spring” is part homage to the cozy Western, part horror… Read more »
(Alec Guinness as George Smiley. Also, my face during large portions of the new movie.) Two only-vaguely-related things today! First, I saw the new Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy movie in December. I never talked about it, largely because I felt it was a fine enough movie on its own, but mostly did disservice to the miniseries (not shocking when condensing six hours to two), with the exception of a few people who turned in better performances than the first time around. They were Mark Strong and Tom Hardy, with Kathy… Read more »

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