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Sleepy Hollow: "Magnum Opus"
Wow, with the holiday and the latest Catwoman coming out, this week got away from me! I didn’t even realize I hadn’t talked about this week’s Sleepy Hollow. In fairness, some of the reason I didn’t talk about it was because it was such a wildly ridiculous hour of TV that at the end of it I kind of felt like either one of these two: They solve a major plot point with an anagram, and then fight a Gorgon. It’s one of those episodes. In my io9 recap, I… Read more »
Catwoman #36: "Keeper of the Castle"
Catwoman #36 comes out today! “Keeper of the Castle” digs deeper into Selina’s journey as head of the Calabrese crime syndicate, as she becomes more and more tangled in a web of moral dilemmas she can handle, but some of which she might not be able to accept. There’s some good old-fashioned macho posturing (most of it by Selina), Black Mask Rising, a cameo by Lucretia Borgia, and a faceoff between our leading lady and, well, Catwoman. There will be some more details about this Catwoman costume next week as… Read more »
Reign Report: "Terror of the Faithful"
Things are heating up on Reign, as Francis’ utter inability to do anything right begins to backfire on him, and Protestants take to the street after making a martyr out of a man Francis refused to make a martyr of. It’s beautifully dismal. And even if there were something he could do to improve his situation, perhaps by alerting Catherine to it – but oh, what a wild dream that is! Never to be, never to be – Catherine is a little busy hallucinating and will have to get back… Read more »
Catwoman: The Closet
One of the first things I did after we’d sketched the bare bones of this Catwoman arc was to sit down and decide how everybody was going to dress. Comics are cinematic in their use of clothing to indicate character; it’s a great psychological and expository shortcut. The shift from Catwoman into Selina Kyle, Mob Boss would mean a lot of changes in her wardrobe, and everything she wore would necessarily reflect that change. It was also important to me just on a vaguely-fashion-aware level, because I will never forget… Read more »
Ranking Period Pieces, or, Personal Heartbreak
Over at The AV Club, I have a slightly unusual TV Club 10. (This is my second slightly offbeat contribution to a feature that usually focuses on a single show – my first was episodes of vampire TV, I live by no man’s law!) This time around, I tackle nineteenth-century British literary adaptations. The bulky list of qualifiers is necessary to keep the numbers anything resembling reasonable (a TV Club 100 would have broken everybody’s scrolling wheels). Even then, the idea of picking things that were both exemplary or interesting… Read more »
Sleepy Hollow: "Mama"
Last night, Sleepy Hollow came to its senses and turned things back around to the Mills sisters, for an episode that got back a lot of the verve we’ve lost in recent weeks as Katrina: The Overtold Story has been happening all around us. It’s not perfect – my io9 recap goes into some of the ways the conceit of their mother being literally haunted by demons kind of muddies the waters from both the mental illness and parental-abuse sides of things from time to time – but the episode… Read more »

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