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Catwoman #40: "The Issue and End"
Last week, Catwoman ended an arc and started a new one – in both the literal and figurative senses. Selina as a mob boss was always going to be a big step, but it seemed like such rich ground for her, and am really glad Gotham gets to spend a little more time unpacking this long con – particularly since this arc gives us more crunchy stuff in the Gotham underworld when it’s going to look a little different (thanks to some of the events in Batman), and Selina will… Read more »
Catwoman #39: "Better Than He Does Himself"
Or: the one in which Selina Kyle confirms a rumor. This is an important issue plotwise: It’s the one in which Selina has to decide if she’s going to war against an ever-more-powerful enemy; it’s the one in which she has to sit down in the all-neon diner that Drive forgot and decide if she can even believe she has a brother, much less anything he says. But this is also the issue in which Eiko finally tips her hand about one of the reasons she’s been so drawn to… Read more »
Catwoman 38: "The Serpent"
In which things get noir as hell. In the wake of Events in the last issue, Selina truly has descended, and this issue is her setting up a Hail Mary pass to do the right thing, about anything, and hoping she can remember the reasons she took on the job to begin with. Plus, we begin to realize she’s up against more than just Black Mask. Here are the covers! Dig the sinister almost-alive cape on Batman in Jae Lee’s, and the adorable retro cover by Ty Templeton, in which… Read more »
Catwoman: The Closet, Pt. 2
So I think enough time has passed that we can drop spoiler politeness. (My writeup of Catwoman #36 and the Catwoman Annual were two of the most coy things I’ve written lately.) There’s a new Catwoman, and we know exactly who she is. Her outfit was a delight, and now we can chat about it, alongside some more costume specifics as Selina and Eiko’s circumstances change. Eiko’s circumstances, of course, have changed because she’s Catwoman. The process of designing her was a dream. “Oh, we…we can design a whole new… Read more »
Catwoman Annual
The Catwoman Annual comes out today! It’s written by me, with art by Patrick Olliffe, Tom Nguyen & John McCrea, and a Garry Brown cover. And yes, there’s some Batman in this issue. (One scene with him is a favorite moment of the issue, actually – a Batman/Catwoman standoff that’s about 110% awkward, a saturation that can only be achieved when Batman’s around.) But at the risk of spoilers, at heart this Annual is Eiko Hasigawa’s origin story: it offers a glimpse of her life as an increasingly nontraditional member… Read more »
Catwoman #37: "Sooner Or Later You Will Descend"
Today Catwoman #37 hits stores of all kinds! I’m actually both super thrilled and super nervous about this one. I’m very proud of it, and it’s a crucial chapter of the story we’re trying to tell, but if you’ve been worried about lingering consequences and serious choices in the wake of this arc, well, it’s time. If I want to avoid spoilers, I think that’s really all the plot stuff I can talk about. If you’re curious, you can read a preview courtesy of The Mary Sue that will give… Read more »

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